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So, you want to start a blog? If so, you are in the right place!

Hi, my name is Ravi K Ranjan and through the use of blogging, I continually generate thousands of dollars per month from the comfort of my own home. In this guide, I will show you exactly what it takes to start a blog of your own today, while also walking you through the process of how to create content for your blog and even make some money in the process. If you follow along with everything I’ve broken down for you below, you should have a blog of your own up and running in less than 15 minutes.

Let’s get started!


I wanted to make this process as simple and fast for you as possible, so I’ve broken it all down in three simple steps. Here’s what you will need to know before getting started.

  1. Select the Right Blogging Platform – This is how you will create a blog and new content for your site.
  2. Set up Your Domain Name and Hosting – These are required to make your site content accessible around the world.
  3. Creating a Blog with Purpose – Once your blog is live, I’ll show you how to make it look amazing and professional.

If some of these don’t make sense to you right now, don’t worry about it. I’m going to show you how simple it is to go live with a blog in just minutes, while also requiring no technical or programming skills.


Starting a blog or a website today is much easier, faster and cheaper today than it was in previous years. This is mainly due to free software solutions becoming available that allow site owners to create content and go live with a site without the need to know any programming or have any design skills. In short, if you know how to type or send an email, you are more than well-equipped to start a blog of your own.

However, before going live with your blog, you need to know which blogging platform is best for you and your site. In the chart below you will see a breakdown of the most popular blogging content management systems being used today.


As you can see from the visual above, WordPress is the clear winner. In comparison to the thousands of different site design editors, platforms and content management solutions on the internet today, more than 26% of all sites on the internet use WordPress (just like this website is also using WordPress).

So what does this mean for you? In short… WordPress is going to make your life and blogging a whole lot easier.

Here are a few reasons why you will love using WordPress:

  • It’s 100% Free – Amazingly enough, one of the most powerful software solutions in the world today is 100% free! No gimmicks, no up-sells… just free.
  • Extremely Easy for Beginners – WordPress has become one of the most popular platforms in the world today not only because it’s free, but also because it’s so easy to use. Instead of requiring site owners to use custom designs or programming, there are thousands of free WordPress Themes and Plugins that you can use to customize all aspects of your blog.
  • Free Resources, Guides and Community Support – With WordPress being used by so many websites, you can pretty much find any resources, guides, tutorials or support that you need. In addition to the free sources found on the main WordPress site, you will also find endless resources on other blogging resources sites.
  • WordPress Looks Great on Mobile – With more people using their mobile devices to access the internet than ever before, it’s important to make sure your blog looks great on all devices as well. This is another area that WordPress has you taken care of. Create a blog in minutes and your site and content will look great on desktops, tablets, mobile devices and more.
  • WordPress is Huge! – WordPress has been downloaded over 100 million times and is the software of choice by millions of bloggers and many of the top blogs in the world today, such as TED, NBA Sports, CNN, and TechCrunch. Best of all… it’s free to use!

Now that you’ve seen why and how WordPress is being used to make blogging and site creation so easy, let’s move along in the process and get you started with a site of your own. The next step in the process is to select a hosting provider and pick a great domain name for your site. This is one of my favorite parts when launching a new site or blog!


With WordPress being selected as our blogging platform, it’s now time to set up the other two most important factors to getting your blog live:

  • A Domain Name – This is the address you type in whenever you want to visit a site. (
  • A Hosting Provider – This is the service that places your site content on the internet for others to see.

Again, even if you never created a website or blog before, don’t worry! The process of setting these up is extremely simple and once it’s done, you won’t need to mess around with any of these settings again.



How to Pick a Great Domain Name

With all of that in mind, here are a few tips on how to pick a great domain name for your blog.

  • Keep it short and simple
  • Stay away from numbers and dashes
  • Pick a name that is easy to spell and memorable
  • Don’t use any copyright or trademarked names
  • Use keywords that are relevant to your topic
  • Stick with a .com, .net or .org domain extension
  • If it’s available, always try to register

Thousands of domain names are registered every day, so if you keep finding that your requested domain name is already taken, don’t get discouraged. If you can’t think of anything unique, I always recommend seeing if your personal name is available as a domain. This is always good to try and register, as it likely won’t be available forever!

Which extension should you pick for your domain name?

Also, when choosing a domain name, you will have a few different options as for the type of domain extension you want to use. The ‘.com’ is always going to be the most popular, followed by ‘.net’ and then ‘.org’. However, there are many other extensions to choose from — though I recommend you stick with any of the three mentioned here. They are the most professional and well-known around the world.

Very exciting! We decided on using WordPress as our blogging platform and also know how to setup hosting and selecting a domain name for your site. Now it’s time to bring it all together and put it in motion.


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Now it’s time to start having some fun! There is nothing more excited than finally getting to work on your blog once it’s live. Best of all, it’s your blog… so you get to write about whatever you want!

Before you start writing about what you ate last night for dinner or saw on your way to work… you should first think about where you want your blog to be a few months down the road from now.

In short, your blog is one in a few hundred million — so if you want to it be read by lots of people and stand out from the crowd, you are going to need to create content that provides value and has a purpose.

Click here for how to write your first blog post and change your WordPress theme.


When it comes to doing anything for the first time, we all have questions. To help with this process, I wanted to provide you with some of the most frequent questions I get asked on a daily basis.

How can I get more visitors to my blog?

Did you know that there are currently over a billion active websites and blogs on the internet today? It’s true… and while there are plenty of people already on the internet, that is still a lot of websites and content to compete against. When launching a new website or blog, traffic and visitors to your site might be a bit slow. However, as you continue to come out with new content on your site, rank in the search results and share content with your friends, traffic to your site will continue to grow over time. If you want to implement some actionable methods to start increasing traffic to your site today, get started with these free traffic generation methods.

When will my site start showing in Google?

Google will automatically find your website or blog once it’s been around for a few days and has some content published and people visiting your site. A great way to speed up this process is to link to your blog from your social profile or anywhere else that might be relevant. Keep in mind, just because your site has been indexed by Google, that doesn’t mean it will necessarily start ranking high in the search results or for generic keywords that you think it should. The process of ranking a site in Google is quite complex. I recommend you read through these simple SEO tips for beginners to have a better understanding of how this process works.

How can I make money with my blog?

The ultimate goal for many bloggers is to eventually make money with their site and content. Fortunately, this is something I’ve had a lot of experience with. So much so, that I actually wrote a complete guide on how to make money blogging. Not only does it break down the process of how to choose a niche market or different monetization methods to use, I also show you real examples of how this is being done today. If you want to find financial success with blogging, it’s all about providing value to your audience. Billions of people are using Google and visiting sites on a daily basis to find solutions to their problems. If your website or blog can help solve those problems, there is a good chance you can start making some money in the process.

I’m not sure if I want to blog yet. Should I start with a free blog like, Blogger or Blogspot?

This is one of the most asked questions that I get when it comes to starting a blog, and the answer is definitely “no”! If you are going to put in the time and effort to start a web site or blog, you might as well start off in the right direction from day one. Many people like to start a free blog through solutions like Blogspot, but this is actually more of a waste of time and effort than anything else. This is something I cover in my articles on why you should never choose a free hosting provider. To answer the question as quickly and efficiently as possible, anyone who uses a free blogging platform will likely not have complete ownership over their content, along with also being limited on if they can have a domain name, what site themes they can use and even if they can make money with their site. Start off in the right direction by investing a few dollars into premium hosting.

What if I’m not good at writing or am a horrible speller?

Blogging is unlike any other form of content creation we’ve ever seen. There are no requirements or skills needs to start a blog of your own, and it doesn’t matter what level of education or expertise in any given niche you have. To tell you the truth, I’ve never been a huge fan of writing or reading, but ever since I started my blog in 2007, I’ve now published over 3,500 articles online and have become a very faster and talented writer in the process. In fact, if improving your writing skills is something you would like to work on, having a blog is a great way to accomplish this. So, to answer the question, no, you don’t need to be a great writer to start a blog — after all, it’s your own little spot on the internet and you can do whatever you like with it! There are also plenty of free and premium tools like Grammarly, that can act as a spell checker as you write and create content for your site. This is one of my favorite blogging tools and one that I use on a daily basis.

What if I already have a domain, but still need hosting?

This is something that will happen to a lot of people. They will first register a domain name, then not complete their blog and never get set up with web hosting either. If this is what happened to you, no worries. I recommend you create an account with Bluehost, and simply transfer your domain or DNS to their site. This will be free and easy to set up once you have a hosting account. Also, all new customers to Bluehost will also receive a free domain name at the time of sign up, so don’t miss out on that great opportunity as well. There is no limit to the number of domains you can own or use.

Can I get famous from starting a blog?

Often times we will see everyday people become overnight success stories through the use of websites, social media, YouTube and even blogs. The first thing to note is that most of these ‘overnight’ success stories aren’t really overnight and have a lot of blood, sweat, and tears behind them. Take Perez Hilton for example, he got started with a celebrity gossip blog and look how rich, famous and successful he is today. In short, you can definitely get famous or become an industry leader within your market through the use of a blog. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish with your site, a lot of things can happen. For instance, I was featured on Fox News and ABC News as a blogging expert and have been able to teach thousands of people how to get started with a blog of their own. No matter what it is you are trying to accomplish with a blog, if you put in the time and effort to make it great, you can definitely become famous, successful and even wealthy in the process!

What are some other types of blogs I can create?

When it comes to blogging, there is no right or wrong approach. The most important thing is that you choose a topic you are passionate about, and also spend some time thinking about the type of content you are going to create and how you are going to provide value to your audience. To help with this process, be sure to look at some of the top fashiontechnologysewingphotographysports and celebrity gossip blogs on the internet today. Be sure to check out sites from each of these lists, as they will help you get a better idea of what type of content is working well in that space and how you can start a successful blog by following in their footsteps.



Now the only thing left to do is to put everything we just talked about into action.

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