5 Cooking Methods That Are Making Your Food Toxic

Fast cooking techniques might be the current fad, but here’s how they are making your food toxic and unhealthy.

Cooking Methods

Techniques which are making your food toxic


  1. Fast cooking techniques can damage nutrient content food
  2. Slow cooking technique should be used correctly
  3. Food cooked in microwaves can be harmful for health

The way we cook our food is as important as the kind of food that we eat. In fast-paced life of cities and faster-paced jobs, fast cooking techniques have taken the front seat in most homes in India. Mircrowave ovens, grillers, tandoors, sandwich makers and numerous other appliances have occupied our kitchens and gave them a new and innovative appearance! And while they are definite time-savers and are extremely convenient, they might take away some essential nutrients from the food and make the food toxic.

Here are some cooking techniques which are making your food toxic:

1. Charring food

While grilling, one common mistake that most people commit is charring the food. This takes away the entire nutrient content of the food and also adds toxins to it. One should always try and lightly grill food as it gives the meat remarkable flavour and texture. Grilling should be done to an extent where the outside of the food is barely browned but the inside is grilled from minimum to rare extent.

2. Slow cooking

Slow cooking as an ancient technique of cooking, especially in India. People have followed slow cooking techniques for years and continue to follow it even today. Cooking for a really long time breaks down food’s collagen and results in soft and delicious meat. But long duration of cooking produces glutamate and makes the meat over cooked. The key to slow cooking is cooking correctly. Food should be tightly covered when slow cooking. A lot of antioxidant spices like turmeric and rosemary could be added to the food to avoid the food from getting toxic.

3. Deep-frying

Fried food might be tempting and mouth-watering, but it is one of the most toxic kinds of foods that one can have. Deep frying the food makes it bathe in oxidised fats, denatured proteins and glycated sugars. The high temperature which deep frying involves creates toxic compounds that can lead to cancer.

4. Microwaved food

Cooking food in microwaves must be done in with utmost precautions. One must limit the use of microwave oven to a few convenient tasks and avoid using it for cooking entirely. Researches have stated that use of microwaves tends to create high amounts of electromagnetic fields in your kitchen.

5. Barbequed food

Snacking over barbeque is one of our favourite pastimes whenever there’s a party or even a small gathering at our house. Food tastes as delicious as it could be on barbeque. However, there are two sides to every story and even barbequing food can make it toxic. Fats in food that touches the coal can lead to the formation of cancer-causing toxins and also cause inflammation. Studies have suggested that most barbeque sauces have hidden content of sugar and MSG which are harmful for health. So try opting for light grilling instead of barbequing to prevent from any of the above occurrences.

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