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10 Reasons Why Most Business Startup Fails ?


A startup is the vision of newly emerged business which is fast growing to achieve the business goal. Its aim is to meet a marketplace to develop innovative products and to provide product and services to the customers.The main reason why business startup fails is changing marketing programme or activities. The company could not able to accept the change because it was in the beginning stage where the company was just growing.
Here are some reasons which explain why startups business failed:

1.  Lack of planning
Lack of planning is the reason for business failure. To startup the business you have the perfect and long-term planning. Short term planning will not give the way to business growth. While making planning you should have to include measurable goals and results. Before starting a business make a long-term plan and go through it otherwise, you might damage your business.

2. Poor management system
Before starting the business you should have a proper knowledge of management system. Because it is the reason for business failure. Working without standard or system, lack of communication is the cause of business failed. A manager should be alert about all the managerial activities.

3. Lack of communication with customers
Customers are the main key to achieve success in the business world. So that they should know about your business plan. For that, you have to interact with the customers, earn their trust, know their demands. If you don’t know about their needs and wants you cannot start the business. Communicate with them and get feedback it will help to grow your business.

4. Product problems
Another reason for business failure is product problems. Because they failed to develop their product as customers need or market needs. Startup business product won’t meet the market need and it is the biggest problem for the start-up business. Interacting with the customers helps you to know about the product which is the needs of market or customers.

5. Lack of focus
Without focus, your business will not be in the competitive area. It is impossible to have a broad strategy to start up business. Lack of focus on your business will not succeed to start up. Focus on your work and give your 100% to the work.

6. Legal challenges
When you start up your business unexpected legal issues may arise. It will make difficult to the growth of your business in different field or markets. That’s why you should have a best legal advisor who will solve any legal issues. So that you can ruin your business properly.

7. No passion for the market
If your primary aim is to make a profit then don’t start a company because to be successful you need to spend more time on your work. Give full time to the work and make it effective. The passion for your work will decide your future of business.

8. No business model
Most of the business failed due to no business model. A great idea is not enough for startup business there should be a bold strategy from the beginning. A perfect business model is the sign of a successful business. Follow your strategy from the beginning of your business.

9. Lack of skills needed to win in competitive market
Most of the startup business is failed because the entrepreneur thinks that his job is to only think about big thoughts and hire more people. If the founder thinks like that and doesn’t do the work then there is no doubt that startups business will fail.

10. Weak team or poor leadership
At final startup, a killer is a leader who cannot motivate the most talented people for the job while company’s success depends on these people. Once you are not a great leader then you could not become one. At the startup of the business, a leader has a responsibility through the company he can make a track and take the talented people along with the ride of the company vision.

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