Preparation required for becoming an IAS officer ?

April 14, 2018

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Que. I want to become an IAS officer? Please guide me how to prepare for the Civil Services Exam ?

For becoming an IAS officer you have to be within first 100 toppers in the Civil Services Exam. Thus to top this exam you must adopt a more rational and strategic approach, right from the moment you think of becoming an IAS officer.

To be targeted you have to start preparing for your changed IAS preliminary exam and select the optional for your main exam, as selection of right optional is the most crucial step. Those Subjects should be taken in which you are out and out thorough the subject.

The formal preparation for Civil Services should start from the basic fundamentals, even if you are already a post-graduate in that subject. You can go through 10 + 2 level books of NCERT for making your fundamental strong. For final touch before the examination the previous year exams can be handy.

Although there is no substitute for concept clearance through self study but a short stint at some good coaching centre can also be of good help  to brush up  the things you have done or as and when need arises.

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